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Digital Transformation and Innovation Management

Digital means scalable, measurable combined with the option to faster change. Digitisation therefore affects all levels of a companies value chain.

New business models, forms of collaboration, communication with customers and approaches to partnering develop.

This has increased the importance of innovation management for companies in digital & media, but also in other industries.

We can help with running innovation management as a disciplined experiment, leading to measurable results.

Fig 1: Ideal Innovation Management Process

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Source: Pagel/Zabel 2015, based on Hansen/Birkinshaw 2011, Govindajaran 2010


A research project was carried out focusing on the introduction of online video production into German Newspapers’ organisations and workflows (paper presented at EMMA conference in May 2015).*

*joint research project with Prof. Dr. Sven Pagel, University of Applied Sciences, Mainz/Germany.