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Corporate and Entrepreneurial Strategy Development

The digital transformation affects every industry. For incumbents, the high velocity of change raises the spectre of disruptive innovation – newcomers that displace established companies with a radically alternative, cheaper and popular way of service/product provision.

Since media and communications – and digital in general – have become central even to brands and companies outside the narrowly defined media industry, this poses a big challenge for company strategy development and business model generation.

Established companies look for factors and a positioning helping to defend their business (for example, by locking in customers and partners). Entrants of dreaming up new ways of profitable business provision.

We can help in this area by accompanying clients with the whole funnel of strategy development. The whole process will be looked at through a a digital media lens, taking into account juridical, technical, competitive as well as customer-based considerations. This includes the set-up and steering of strategic projects, either in an established setting of a corporations or in an agile, startup mode.

In 2016, Prof. Dr. Christian Zabel published (together with Prof. Dr. Sven Pagel/University of Applied Sciences Mainz) the result of a multi-case-study analysis of newspapers strategies when adopting online video production. The results were first published in: Zabel, Christian/Pagel, Sven (2016): Innovationsmanagement in deutschen Tageszeitungen. Einführung der Online-Video-Produktion in fünf Verlagen. In: Medienwirtschaft, 1, S. 12-21.

In 2015 a project for a leading magazine publisher was carried out, encompassing the refinement of the digital strategy (with regards to thematic fit, competencies, innovation processes and fit with the overall group strategy).